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Bepanthen Baby mast 100 g, Bayer

Gentle ointment for daily care of the skin of the baby's bottom. It supports regeneration and helps protect against the formation of sprains. Suitable already for the maternity ward

BIO Calendula Zinc Ointment 70 ml, Purity Vision

BIO calendula zinc ointment is based on traditional zinc ointment, which was already used by our grandmothers when they needed help with the protection and care of sensitive skin.

Cream Against Burns Child Ointment 100Ml, Sebamed

If you care about your health and are looking for products that will provide you with protection and well-being,

Eco Baby Ointment Soothing Ointment 100Ml, Derma

The soothing ointment Derma Eco Baby is a moisture-resistant cosmetic with caring properties.

Linoderm Plus With Allantoin Ointment 50ml, Ziołolek

LINODERM PLUS with allantoin cosmetic ointment for adults, children and babies from the first days of life.

Ointment Olive Regenerating Dressing 20ml, Ziaja

A natural dressing for dry, very dry skin and atopy-prone skin.

Sante Lanolina 40ml, Alphanova

Lanolin is a wax that protects sheep's wool from getting wet. It has very good care properties due to its composition similar to the lipid layer of human skin.

Tormentile Baby Ointment 20G, Farmina

It soothes irritation and redness, as well as diaper dermatitis. It has a protective, regenerative and moisturizing effect. It has antibacterial properties.

Unia Alantan Ointment 35G, Uniapharm

Alantan Plus with vitamin A is a cosmetic intended for all skin types.

Ziajka Buttock ointment against chafing 50ml, Ziaja

The delicate skin of a newborn is extremely susceptible to irritation.