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BEBA OptiPro 1, for infant, 600 g, Nestlé

Instant starter infant formula is intended for babies from birth if they cannot be breastfed. It contains a unique combination of ingredients that your baby needs for proper development.

BEBA SENSITIVE 800 g, Nestlé

BEBA Sensitive is a special infant milk intended for the dietary procedure for constipation and minor digestive problems.

BIO Combiotik initial infant milk 500 g, HiPP

HiPP 1 BIO Combiotik is an initial infant milk intended from birth if the mother cannot breastfeed.

BIO rice porridge 120 g, Kendamil

Cereal rice porridge for children from 4.-6. months (120 g of instant porridge in powder).

Hami Safari 180 g 6+, Hami

If the baby is not yet able to bite and swallow larger pieces, you can give the baby biscuits dissolved in Hami fruit food or Hami infant milk.

Milk with mashed banana 2 x 200 ml, NESTLÉ

NESTLÉ Milk with banana porridge will satisfy even the most demanding tummies of our little ones. It is prepared from high-quality milk and thickened with popular children's porridge.

Nutrilon 2 Allergy Care Syneo 450 g, Nutricia

Food for special medical purposes in powder form, from the 6th month onwards, in case of cow's milk protein allergy.

Porridge with tomatoes, carrots and pasta 150 g, Kendamil

Obilno - milk porridge for babies and small children.

Sunarka semolina cinnamon for good night 225 g, Sunar

Sunarka milk porridges contribute to the proper growth, harmonious development and overall comfort of the child.

Toddler Milk 3 DHA+ 800 g, Kendamil

UK-made baby formula suitable for children from 12 months to 36 months of age. Contains honest whole milk from local farms.