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Actifolin 2Mg 30tabl, Polski Lek

Folic acid belongs to the group of folates, i.e. B vitamins soluble in water. It takes part in the process of cell division and helps in the proper production of blood. Supplemental folate intake increases maternal folate levels.

Aktiv Mama 60 caps., Doppel herz

Product form: Capsules. Basic ingredient: Folic Acid. Additional information: Safe for pregnant women, Room temperature

Anaketon Forte 250 10tabl, Vitis Pharma

Vitis Pharma | Anaketon Forte 250 10 tablets. Dietary supplement containing ginger and B vitamins that support the work of the digestive system.

Basic Prenatal Support During Pregnancy And Lactation 90kaps., Thorne

Thorne research is an American brand of dietary supplements and sports nutrition. The company's philosophy is not only to support athletes, but above all to take care of the condition of our body and its efficiency.

Biofer Folic 40 tabletek, Pharbio Medi

Biofer Folic contains two types of iron: heme - bound in the hemoglobin molecule, and organic iron. The unique composition of the supplement ensures high absorption of iron and selected product tolerance.

Bioliq Dermo CICA Oil for scars and stretch marks 30 ml, Aflofarm

The oil effectively lightens scars of various origins (acne, wound, postoperative) and stretch marks appearing during pregnancy and rapid growth and weight fluctuations.

Calcium 300 mg, effervescent tablets, lemon flavor, 20 pcs., Natur Produkt Zdrovit

Zdrovit Calcium 300 mg supports the body with an increased need for calcium. Recommended for pregnant women and nursing mothers, as a dietary supplement with calcium.

Chela-Mag B6 Mama 30 caps., Olimp Labs

Magnesium bisglycinate (magnesium amino acid chelate ALBION), vitamin B6 (pyridoxine hydrochloride), magnesium stearate, maltodextrin, gelatin, E171

Composita Mama DHA 30 caps + 60 DHA caps, Establo Pharma

COMPOSITA Mama DHA is a product designed by specialists for pregnant and lactating women.

Composita One 60 caps., Establo Pharma

Composita One® is a dietary supplement designed for women who are planning a pregnancy or are in the first trimester. Two types of capsules (white and transparent) contain minerals, vitamins and DHA and EPA acid, which supplement a normal daily diet. The packaging is sufficient for 30 days of use.

DuphaVit Pregna 30 caps, Mylan

DuphaVit Pregna is a dietary supplement designed for pregnant and breastfeeding women. The ingredients of the preparation help supplement the diet with DHA acid, folates, iodine, vitamin D3 and iron, which are so important for the health of the mother, fetus or breastfed child.

Elevit Pronatal Dragees, 100 pieces, Bayer

Elevit Pronatal contains vitamins and minerals to prevent or treat the consequences of disorders associated with improper metabolism of vitamins and minerals or inappropriate diet.