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776 01 Water Thermometer, Babyono

The Babyono Giraffe bath thermometer will allow you to obtain the correct bath temperature for your baby.

776 03 Water Thermometer, Babyono

WHITE WATER THERMOMETER The bath thermometer will safely and reliably help you obtain and maintain the right bath temperature for your child.

Aapter For Vacuum Cleaner Katarek Simple Standard Plus Complete Travel, Katarek

Adapter Tip For Katarek and Katarek Plus Aspirator Adapter (D tip) for the KATAREK plus aspirator is a replacement part of the aspirator, connected to the suction pipe of a household vacuum cleaner.

Allergy-Check szybki test do wykrywania przeciwciał IgE, 1,Allergy-Check quick test for detecting IgE antibodies ,1,Lab.Home

ALLERGY-Check, quick test for detecting IgE antibodies (allergy), 1 pc. – medical device that supports the determination of IgE antibodies in whole blood.

Angelo NEN-MAM-NN002, Neno

Colorful Neno Electric Breast Pumps

Avent Manual Breast Pump 120 ml, Philips

The Avent Natural Manual Breast Pump has a unique shape for a comfortable position while pumping.

AVENT SCF395/11, Philips Avent

Gray Philips Electric Breast Pumps.

Baby Scale 336, Seca

Electronic baby scale (III), with practical handle for mobile use.