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Aloe and Licorice intimate hygiene liquid 300 ml, YOPE

Natural, gentle gel for intimate hygiene Aloe and licorice will allow for daily prophylaxis and strengthening the resistance of the mucosa in intimate zones.

Antifungal Intimate Hygiene Liquid 200Ml,Omega Pharma Poland

Antifungal liquid for intimate hygiene Capacity: 200 ml antifungal soothes irritations Liquid with antifungal properties

Fem B Intimate hygiene gel 100ml, PLIVA

Recommended in everyday hygiene and care of external intimate areas.

Feminum Activ Intimate moisturizing gel for women 30g, Masterspharm

Indications: after antibiotic therapy, after treatment, which is also accompanied by vaginal dryness, in recurrent irritation, in hormonal disorders, during menopause, after childbirth and procedures in the case of painful intercourse, with dryness of the vaginal mucosa caused by stress, age and estrogen deficiency, in atrophic conditions of the mucosa and insufficient or no hydration, including dystrophy after removal of appendages, after chemotherapy and radiotherapy.

Gel for intimate hygiene Geranium and Cranberry 300ml, YOPE

This gentle gel for intimate hygiene will take care of your everyday comfort, protecting against irritation.

Ginexid gynecological foam 150ml, MIRALEX

Ginexid is a foam for intimate hygiene recommended by gynecologists and midwives due to its specialized properties.

Herbal Care Gel for Intimate Hygiene Protective Oak Bark 330ml, Farmona

Protective gel for intimate hygiene with oak bark from the Farmona brand.

Herbal Gel For Intimate Hygiene 500Ml, Fitomed

Soapwort root extract, plantain and oak bark extract.

HydroVag hypoallergenic emulsion for intimate hygiene for women 40+ 300ml, BIOMED

HydroVag, hypoallergenic emulsion for intimate hygiene, for women 40+, 300ml Lactobacillus metabolites contained in the emulsion have antimicrobial properties and help prevent the development of unfavorable microorganisms.