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4Lacti Baby drops 5 ml, Nord Farm

Probiotic preparation containing 5 billion lifted live cultures of Lactobacillus rhamnosus GG bacteria in the form of an oral suspension. The preparation is intended for the dietary management of newborns, infants, children and adults.

Acidolac 20 caps., Polpharma

The contents of the capsule can be consumed directly or mixed with water, yoghurt or milk.

Acidolac Junior (white chocolate) x 20 tablets, Polpharma

Supplements for children ZF Polpharma SA. Product form: Capsules, Tablets, Jelly beans. Primary Ingredient: Probiotics. Indication: Probiotics. Additional information: Room temperature.

Actiferol Fe 7 mg 30 sach., Polski Lek

Iron is a microelement needed for the proper development and functioning of the body.

Actifolin 2Mg 30tabl, Polski Lek

Folic acid belongs to the group of folates, i.e. B vitamins soluble in water. It takes part in the process of cell division and helps in the proper production of blood. Supplemental folate intake increases maternal folate levels.

Active & Sport, capsules, 40 pieces, Sanprobi

The bacterial strains contained in Sanprobi Active & Sport help fight against inflammatory processes in the body and show antioxidant activity.

ADEK Forte, vitamin complex, drops, 30 ml, Wish pharmaceutical

Vitamin A supports the proper condition of the skin, hair and nails, supports the proper function of epithelial tissue cells and contributes to the growth of bones and teeth.

Aktiv Mama 60 caps., Doppel herz

Product form: Capsules. Basic ingredient: Folic Acid. Additional information: Safe for pregnant women, Room temperature

Allertec Wapno Plus, effervescent tablets, 20 pcs., Polpharma

Allertec Wapno Plus – dietary supplement containing calcium, perilla, quercetin and vitamin D. The product is intended for adults.

Alpikol syrup on immunity 120ml, Alpen Pharma

For children from 3 years of age. Immunity syrup with natural ingredients elderberry extract, beta-glucan and African geranium root extract.

AMAVIT D3 Baby 400 IU 10 ml, Amara

Dietary supplement containing 400 IU (10 µg) of vitamin D₃ in one serving.

Anaketon Forte 250 10tabl, Vitis Pharma

Vitis Pharma | Anaketon Forte 250 10 tablets. Dietary supplement containing ginger and B vitamins that support the work of the digestive system.